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Social Work Test Prep offers practice for the social work licensing exam. SWTP practice exams replicate the feel and timing of of the real exams, with content carefully designed to test and instruct on the broad range of knowledge required by social work licensing boards. SWTP questions are written by exam-prep hardened social workers who know how the exam works because they've been through it.  

"This website helped me pass with ease.  It is a most efficient and helpful resource to use while studying, I did not have to waste time poring through thick textbooks or dense material. I loved the links as the concepts were outlined concisely in the most direct language possible.  Worth every penny.  Thanks!"


Thousands of social workers have used SWTP to pass the ASWB exam. See our testimonials page for more praise from newly licensed social workers.


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SWTP helps you harness the incredible amount of free information on the web to enhance your exam preparation. Each SWTP practice question is accompanied by a detailed explanation of how and why the correct answer can be reached.  And then--to help you even more--there are carefully selected links to sources on the web for further study of the concepts covered in the question. With SWTP practice exams, you get an entire study program built into each test item.  That way, you save money, and you don't waste your valuable time studying ideas and concepts you've already learned or don't need to know.

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