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Thank you for your practice exams! I am grateful today I passed first time around :-) I will refer your site as much as possible!!! 



This website helped me pass with ease.  It is a most efficient and helpful resource to use while studying, I did not have to waste time poring through thick textbooks or dense material.  I loved the links as the concepts were outlined concisely in the most direct language possible.  Worth every penny.  Thanks!



The test was just like the practice ones from your site! I felt confident in the exam. Thank you!!!



I passed the LCSW exam first time around!! Excellent excellent site. I've referred all my friends and colleagues to your site that are getting ready to test!! This site really, really prepares for the actual test. Thanks!!



Just wanted to thank you for the practice tests - they were really helpful and a lot like the test, which I passed today! I'm telling all my classmates about your website! 



I cannot say enough about SWTP. The practice exams prioritized my study needs and instilled confidence with each test I completed. Beyond their exceptional test prep material, the customer service is wonderful. My questions were always answered promptly and professionally. I have already recommended SWTP to several colleagues. Ultimately, I felt confident that I had prepared to the best of my ability walking into the exam--a feeling that is invaluable on any test day...and I passed on my first try! Thank you!



I passed my ASWB clinical exam yesterday. The questions on your practice exams were very similar to the questions on the real exam. Thanks!


Your National ASWB practice test definitely helped me get my LMSW over the weekend. Thanks!



SWTP helped me pass my exam! I had taken expensive prep courses before and reviewed piles of materials. Nothing came as close to the real thing as the practice exams from SWTP!

        -- Kathy


I passed my ASWB clinical exam last Saturday! I believe that your study materials had a significant impact on how well I did. Your online practice exams are the best available and closest to the actual exam. Thank you, Social Work Test Prep!


Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. I took my LCSW exam yesterday and passed on my first try. I purchased study materials from four different places and, hands down, yours was the best. I used it the most during my studying because you gave just the right amount of information in the explanations. Your questions were also the most similar to the questions on my real exam. I would not have passed without help from your website. Thank you so much. I will be sure to refer anyone else who needs test prep to your site.



This was the best method I found of preparing for the ASWB clinical test! The questions on these practice tests were harder than those I faced on the actual test - your mileage may vary, of course - but what a great way to get my mind trained up for the test!



I took the LSW exam and passed! I thought your online prep tests were extremely helpful and I've already referred them to several colleagues who are studying



I passed on the first try!  Your test prep was extremely helpful and I refer anyone who wants to prepare for the exam.



I passed my LCSW exam in Illinois today (86%)! Social Work Test Prep was wonderful practice and very similar in both content and layout to the actual exam. The study links allowed me to immediately access to relevant study materials. I highly recommend this product...buy all 3!



Using your website and practice tests allowed me to pass the LMSW test. It showed what types of questions they would be asking and what answers they would be looking for. Thank you so much!! I will recommend your website to all my social worker friends!


I passed my exam on the first try! SWTP was very helpful in preparing me for the exam. This was the main tool that I used to study. The practice tests are great!


I just took my LMSW test this week and passed! Your practice tests were so helpful after being out of school for three years. They were affordable and helped me figure out what I needed to study. It made such a difference for me, thank you!


I passed the exam and have referred others to the site because I think it was instrumental in me doing well on the test.



I passed! So excited for all of the new opportunities available now that I have my LICSW. I studied primarily by taking all 4 of the practice tests and felt very confident going in for the real thing. Thanks so much!



Just to let you know that I passed my social work licensing exam the very first time I took it. But the story doesn't begin and end there. I graduated three years before I took the test and was concerned that I wouldn't pass since I'd finished grad school a while ago. After utilizing Social Work Test Prep, I felt confident I was prepared since I had an understanding of which areas to spend more time in study with. It was also good to practice the test on the computer since that is the way the actual test is given. Thank you for putting together such a useful and affordable study program!


These exams are awesome.



I passed the LCSW exam and I owe it all to SWTP! I failed the test by 1 point the first time. I needed to pass to keep my job. I heard about SWTP and ordered a package of 3 tests. I know I saw at least 2 questions that were on the test! I owe my success to SWTP!  



I just passed the social work clinical licensing exam. Your practice tests helped tremendously. Thank you for the offering such great products.



Thank you Social Work Test Prep for your thorough and comprehensive test prep. I have test anxiety and I felt like my schooling did not prepare me with the materials I needed to pass my social work licensure. The mock tests and study guide gave me the practice I needed to feel more confident about the major social work concepts and the dreaded "timed aspect" of the test. My scores on the timed practice tests were interestingly very comparable to my score on the real test! I will happily recommend this to others.



I passed! Thank you so much. Taking your practice exam before the exam was the best thing I ever did.



I tried several resources to study for the exam and became frustrated and confused with them. Then I came across SWTP and studying became much easier. The best part of it is the rationale after each question. I studied with Exam 1 and Exam 2 mostly in study mode. In three weeks I took the exam and passed. This is well worth the money.



I passed today! Thank you!   Social Work Test Prep really helped me get comfortable with the type of questions that would be asked. 



I passed my exam! I firmly believe that the practice exams were a key to my success. Having been out of school for over 10 years and not used to the whole studying thing anymore, I thought the test questions were very helpful in my review of information and helped me identify areas that needed more attention. Thank you!



I just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU SWTP!!!!! I successfully PASSED my Illinois State Licensing Exam and I am a proud LCSW. I am thoroughly convinced that this would not have happened had I not found your website.

It's all there and for people like me who need to know why the wrong answer is the wrong answer. I feel like I know waaaaayyyyy more that I ever thought possible. The links -- simply fantastic. I will send everyone I encounter preparing for this beast of an exam for some of us to THIS fantastic site.



Thank you for the help. I loved your website and found it to be the best source of pertinent study goodies. I passed on my first attempt!



Thank you so much for this helpful program. I took the exam for the first time last month and passed!!



I would like to thank Social Work Test Prep for preparing me to take my clinical exam...I took the test today and I passed. I took both practice exams on your site and it really helped a lot. Thank you so much!!!!!



I PASSED!!!!!!!! You can imagine how I'm feeling. If it has not been for SWTP practice exams...I don't think I would have done it.  I would refer SWTP to anyone...THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!



Passed the LISW exam and know that it was due to so much prep! Thanks!!!!!



I passed the exam! Purchased the ASWB clinical test prep and it really helped. The rationales were so helpful. Thanks!!!! 



Social Work Test Prep was extremely valuable.  Your questions were very similar to the actual test questions.  I especially liked the fact that the questions gave rationales and helped think in the modality of the test.  I also appreciated the fact that there were ready tabs to access the background and support material...Although I used a couple of different exam prep sites, your site was the most efficient and correct...I would say, without hesitation, that your site was THE most helpful.



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Incredibly helpful...Like the real test...Excellent site...Easy to use...I especially love the suggested study...Trains you to think like a test writer...Really outstanding...So glad I found the site!    



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