Folded PaperOkay, so maybe this one is simpler. Harder, but simpler. AATBS suggests reading their not-so-thick vignette strategies book then running the practice exams over and over again. After you've learned how to properly fold your piece of scratch paper and field the 40 questions quickly enough to finish them in 2 hours, you're ready to go. Others have other tips. Some are collected in a pair of yahoo groups (require yahoo email and sign-up):

  • bbsexam2
  • ClinicalVignetteStudy

Note: ClinicalVignetteStudy is soon-to-be defunct. It's moved here, where it's just getting started, moderated by test-prep consultant Miranda Palmer (requires sign-up). [UPDATE: No longer true--the ning site has been deemed a failed experiment; the group is sticking with yahoo.] Good luck.  

[UPDATE #2: The vignette exam has been cancelled. For SWTP clinical exam prep, sign up!]

April 5, 2009
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