Mental health disorders may seem more common in movies and TV characters than in real-life, but the stats say something entirely different

While some of these portrayals are accurate and helpful, many (or maybe most) are harmful and perpetuate stereotypes.

But you're prepping for the social work licensing exam. Maybe for you, TV and movie characters give you a chance to ponder DSM diagnoses, sharpen your skills, and get ever-more ready for big test (popcorn in hand).

Some characters to consider: How would you diagnose different characters in "Everything Everywhere All at Once"? Not so easy. How about the Joker? Maybe a little bit clearer. Is Iron Man a narcissist? You're the diagnostician. What do you think?

Gather some social workers, have a movie clips night, and call it a study group. 

Meanwhile, underway at You Tube, a growing collection of possibly useful psych clips--the non-fiction, directly useful kind. If you have more to add, write us. 

Happy movie night and good luck on the exam!

April 15, 2009
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