Lighter FlameNext question. Worth noting: Groups of answers aren't in any particular order. Your task is to rate each item and choose the answer group that best answers the question. AATBS advocates using 2s, 1s, and 0s to mark each part of an answer (2s are good answers, 1s okay, 0s bad). Others push a + and - approach. Scratch paper helps. My answer and explanation (using "Yes" as a 2 or +) in comments.

In your first meeting with Kevin, 47, he tells you that he's been "feeling funny" lately, having trouble getting up in the morning, sleeping "too much." Kevin says he has "occasionally" used crack cocaine in the past, but says "I haven't hit the pipe in a week." Kevin has been homeless in the past. He currently lives in a sober living house downtown. Kevin tells you he sometimes thinks people are talking about him and laughing about him, "but it doesn't bother me much." Kevin says he has not worked since being laid off two years ago.

2. What referrals might are most likely to be useful in this case?

1. Physician for medical evaluation
Substance abuse detox
Physician for medical evaluation
A homeless shelter in the event that sober living is problematic for client

2. Physician for medical evaluation
Hospitalization till suicidal thoughts pass
Substance abuse detox
Psychiatrist to address symptoms of depression

3. Physician for medical evaluation
Psychiatrist to help stabilize symptoms
Government assistance program for financial and nutritional support
Alternative housing referrals

4. Vocational counselor
Psychiatrist to help stabilize psychotic symptoms
Outpatient drug program
Cocaine Anonymous

August 10, 2009
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