Social Work PodcastA new Social Work Podcast is up.

[This one] looks at the relationship between theory and clinical social work practice...with Joseph Walsh, professor of social work at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), and author of the Brooks/Cole text, Theories for Direct Social Work Practice, which came out in a second edition in 2009. 

The intro includes a nice rundown of essential social work theory categories, including:

Postmodern. Practice theories in this category, most notably Michael White and David Epston's Narrative Therapy, are critical of approaches that privilege some ideas at the expense of others. Postmodernists believe that since reality is a social construction, the therapeutic relationship is central to change. Postmodern approaches argue that the primary benefit of labeling a set of behaviors as “dysfunctional” is to elevate those without that label. In this way, traditional social services, the medical model, and most treatment approaches are tools used by those in power to maintain control.

Listen, learn, pass.  

August 31, 2009
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