You've got plenty of reading as it is.  But if you want to pile on some extra, here's the collection of NASW Standards of Practice.  If something jumps out at you as especially helpful for licensing test prep, let us know.

Not sure you want to click through? Here's a sample from NASW Standards for the
Practice of Social Work with Adolescents:

Standard 1. Knowledge of Adolescent Development
Social workers shall demonstrate knowledge and understanding of adolescent development.

Interpretation. Essential areas of knowledge and understanding about positive adolescent development include:

■ human growth and behavior, including developmental stages, human needs, motivations, feelings, behaviors, activities of children and youths, and cultural differences

■ the role of adolescence in individuals’ social, physical, emotional, and sexual growth, including adolescents’ striving for and ambivalence about independence, competence, achievement, personal identity, and sexuality

■ the critical role of education in healthy adolescent development and the barriers to a successful educational experience

■ the necessity to recognize the needs of adolescent development

■ the impact of substance abuse and violence on adolescents’ development and on their families

■ the family, school, community, and cultural process for allowing and helping adolescents become independent

■ the importance of opportunities for adolescents to establish positive relationships with open expression of thoughts and feelings with family members, peers, and role models such as teachers, clergy, and sports team coaches

■ the significance of adolescents’ steps in establishing an identity, which may include a natural form of rebelliousness and rejection of authority

Will this be on the exam? Put it this way: if you were an exam writer faced with a blank piece of paper, where would you go to find the basis for questions you were tasked with writing. Maybe to the Standards of Practice? Could be!

December 8, 2009
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