Lightning FlashHundreds of DSM flash cards posted here. If you're taking the clinical exam, dig in! For other exams, maybe just snack on them.

Here's one from the DSM-5 pack:




2 or more for 1 month or more

At least one needs to be first three
• Hallucination
• Disorganized thinking
• Disorganized motor behavior
• Grossly disorganized or odd motor behaviors
• Negative behaviors
Level of functioning below level before onset
Signs of symptoms for continuous for 6 months
Rule out Schizoaffective or Depressive or Bipolar
if history of autism or communication disorder - diagnosis of schizophrenia if delusions or hallucinations or other symptoms of schizophrenia for 1 month

Helpfully shorthanded from the actual DSM-5 language. Worth a go-through!

February 12, 2009
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