BrainQuestions I keep missing on the practice tests: stuff about psych testing. Never learned it at school, don't use it at work. Have to go from scratch. Does this mean anything to you?:

1 Hs Hypochondriasis Concern with bodily symptoms
2 D Depression Depressive Symptoms
3 Hy Hysteria Awareness of problems and vulnerabilities
4 Pd Psychopathic Deviate Conflict, struggle, anger, respect for society's rules
5 MF Masculinity/Femininity Stereotypical masculine or feminine interests/behaviors
6 Pa Paranoia Level of trust, suspiciousness, sensitivity
7 Pt Psychasthenia Worry, Anxiety, tension, doubts, obsessiveness
8 Sc Schizophrenia Odd thinking and social alienation
9 Ma Hypomania Level of excitability
0 Si Social Introversion People orientation

No? Time to brush up.

February 22, 2009
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