PracticeConventional wisdom says that passing the social work licensing exam is equal parts learning the material and learning the exam. Since I haven't heard any unconventional wisdom on this question, I'm going with the chestnut. You can study all you want. You also have to practice. That's why these companies charge big bucks--they've got practice questions for days...for weeks. You'll burn through the practice questions available free online pretty quickly. But they're out there. Gerry Grossman has a decent 10-question exam posted. The Google-placement-gobbling folks at have a generous, but less helpful "Daily Q." Note: The questions are only daily if you don't know how to use the reload button on your web browser. Otherwise, you can run questions till you've had your fill...or till questions start repeating, whichever comes first. Correct answers earn you virtual balloons and a cheering crowd noise, making the site Not Safe For Work--at least until you turn your computer's volume down. UPDATE: Some free sample questions here:

  • AATBS (requires email)
  • Academic Review (requires registration)
  • BBS Exam Study Guide (pdf)
  • Gerry Grossman
  • LEAP
  • And, of course, there's us!

Recommended: Get started with SWTP with our free practice test and continue with a full-length, realistic practice exam. Good luck!

January 2, 2009
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