Continuing EducationBefore you get the pleasure of prepping for the LCSW exam, you've got to complete the application which means, among other things, getting supervised hours...a passport photo...and a bunch of CEs. Here in California they want 7 hours on child abuse, 10 hours on human sexuality...never mind, the the list is here. And you thought you already got educated. (See your state licensing board's site for details.)

A semi-thorough search of CA-approved online CE providers brought me to two cheaper-and-faster-than-other sites:

If you're budgeting time, know that 10 CE hours do not equal 10 real world hours. (The "find" function is your friend--it's like online traffic school that way.) Between the two sites, I got what I needed. See how it goes for you.

UPDATE: Happened to have online traffic school to do. Turns out, they've set up timed pages--20 minutes per. The whole thing takes forever. Social Work CEUs are much faster 'n' least for now.

January 8, 2009
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