PerfectedJust finished my 800th online test question (that's four of the five exams). Doing okay--not as well as I'd like--not yet test-ready. [Sigh.]

On some questions, seems it's all too easy to get dragged into answers by personal experience--especially work experience. As they say often, that's not how you're supposed to do it. Think textbook. Think ideal world. Forget what you think you know.

Questions read, "Your client is a...," "You are seeing a...," or otherwise involve you. Of course, they don't mean you, they mean a social worker who knows every theory, intervention, law, and ethical principle inside and out. A social worker who never overreacts, underreacts, or misreacts. They mean the Perfect Social Worker.

Maybe you know one. Great--then think, "What would __________ do in this situation?" Maybe you don't. Then try this: Replace the "you" in the questions with "The Perfect Social Worker," "The Ideal Social Worker," "Social Work SuperBot" (or even God (as you understand him)). Whatever works. "Social Work SuperBot's client is a..." And, lo, the right answer leaps from the page! Congratulations, you're licensed.


March 1, 2009
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