FlashFinally tried out my own flash cards. Not bad--a few mistakes, some typos. Here's what I was left needing to review. Thought it might be handy to have here (and that maybe cuttingand pasting would somehow save me having to reread them). A slow scroll is the same as a quick quiz.

Piaget's Stages (ages):   Sensorimotor (birth - 2 yrs); Preoperational (2 - 7 yrs); Concrete Operational (7 - 11 yrs); Formal Operational (11+ yrs)
Rett's D/O: Females only; head growth decel; lost coordination; social probs.
Object Relations Phases: Normal autism (1st month); Symbiotic (2 - 8 mos); Differentiation (7m - 2y); Integration/Rapproachment (2 - 3 yrs)
Reflection Errors (4): Timing (over/under reflection); Stereotyping (SW=robot); Depth (+/-); Language (eg slang)
Wechsler (testing): Generates an IQ score - WAIS (16+); WISC (6 - 16); WPPSI (@3- @7)
Projective Tests: Interpretive/subjective personality tests (e.g., Rorschach, DAP (draw a person), sand tray, HTP (tree/house/person), sentence completion
Commonly Used Intelligence Tests: WAIS, WISC, Vineland, Stanford-Binet, and elements of the MSE
Personality Disorders (by cluster): A ("weird"): Paranoid, Schizoid, Schizotypal / B ("wild"): Antisocial, Borderline, Histrionic, Narc. / C ("wimp"): Avoidant, Dependent, OCPD
Order of language acquisition: crying; cooing; echolalia (imitation of sounds); holophrastic speech ("milk!"); telegraphic speech ("milk now!"); vocab growth; correct grammar; metalinguistics
Suicide Risk Factors: Hx of attempts; males 70+, females 15-24; hopelessness; hx depression; caucasian; native am 15-19; loss; recent lifting of dep sx
Four levels of acculturation (Berry): Integration (+/+ new culture/o.g. culture); assimilation (+/-); separation (-/+); marginalization (-/-)

The rest of the cards are here.  

March 26, 2009