ObsessedOf note, Obsessed on A&E. It's CBT vs. OCD. A woman counts stuff, can't drive. A man washes and cleans. Therapists help. Much, much more than you'll ever need to know for the social work exam. But good to see therapy--and some recovery--in action. Pretend you're studying.  

Here's episode one, per Wikipedia:

Helen has a fear of driving on interstate highways. Her father's death while on an interstate highway sparked her fear of highways. Late at night she puts on the bloody clothing he was wearing when he died.

Scott is a mysophobe [fear of germs] and is unable to have a successful relationship. He sleeps on the couch because he would be unable to make his bed "just right" in the mornings. He has no trashcan in his house and walks out to the dumpster every time he wants to throw trash away.

Through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) Helen and Scott are able to overcome their disorders. Dr. Shana Doronn helps Scott feel less anxious about germs by exposing him to dirt and unpleasant items such as a used tampon. Dr. John Tsilimparis helps Helen by driving her on the interstate highway to her parents' grave site. Eventually Helen is able to drive herself on the interstate highway and later burns her father's bloody clothes.

Insight, CBT help, and maybe some new vocabulary--all from the comfort of your favorite TV-watching spot.

May 31, 2009
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