MailbagFrom my inbox--email from a social work classmate reencountered at AATBS's vignette workshop:

Just read you passed the second exam....CONGRATS!!!
I STILL have not taken mine yet as I have been busy with my new [job]. 
So, I read that the HARD questions are not as hard as the actual exam? That is sooo comforting because I SUCK at the hard ones but get in the 80's for the mediums....what are your thoughts on that? What were you getting onthe medium ones?
I am so over studying! I just want to take the dang thing - how challenging did you think it was and what kind of advice do you have? I really appreciate your honest feedback as I felt much better after talking to you prior to my first exam.

My response:

Thanks. Congratulations on the job. Yeah, the exam is way easier than the hard AATBS questions. I broke 80% on a 2-hour retake of a practice exam just before going in. You're probably ready.  Good to run the complete practice exams to gauge speed, etc. But're ready. Good luck.


October 9, 2009
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