TrickyCongratulations Kel, who posted this in comments:

So for those using AATBS Testmaster and accompanying materials, I certainly struggled to make sense of what my Testmaster scores meant in terms of the actual clinical licensing test. Here's what I have to pass on: I studied for probably about 4 full days, took 5 of the Testmaster tests, with scores that ranged from 57%-68% (first attempt only). So needless to say, despite what others had said, I was extremely nervous about taking the actual exam. However, I am pleased to report that I did FAR better on the actual exam in terms of percentage - I passed easily with a significant margin, with a score in the 80's on the actual exam.

So for those struggling with Testmaster, it's great preparation, but the questions rely FAR less on actual information and facts (and randomness), and are generally easier. That said, given the trickiness of this exam, I wasn't very confident while taking it, and was shocked with my result.

Best luck to all - and don't be like me and stress out too much!

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February 27, 2010
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