LightbulbGet your social work exam passed.   Name that diagnosis--turbo round, with information in the criteria removed.  Answer in comments; full criteria (if you want to guess at the x's) at the Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders.

  • frantic efforts to avoid real or perceived xxxxxxxx
  • pattern of xxxxxxxxxxx interpersonal relationships, characterized by alternating between xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • extreme, persistently unstable xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxx behavior in at least two areas
  • recurrent xxxxxxxxx behavior, gestures, or threats, or recurring acts of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • unstable mood caused by brief but intense episodes of depression, irritability, or anxiety
  • chronic feelings of xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • inappropriate and intense anger, or difficulty controlling anger displayed through temper outbursts, physical fights, and/or sarcasm
  • stress-related paranoiaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs

January 11, 2010
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