LCSW Study BuddyA welcome to new social work exam blog, LCSW Study Buddy.  Just a handful of posts up as of this writing, but useful stuff and made fun, as in this post looking at ego defenses as exemplified by Friends characters.  From there:

Intellectualization --  Related to rationalization, intellectualization involves removing the emotion from emotional experiences, and discussing painful events in detached, uncaring, sterile ways. Someone who intellectualizes becomes very distant from their feelings, and when asked to describe their feelings may find it difficult. They may understand all the words that describe feelings, but have no idea what they really feel. A good example is when Rachel dates Bruce Willis and tries to get to know him. He intellectualizes past painful relationships, without emotion. When he finally realizes his pain, of course, he can't stop crying, which effectively, ends their relationship!


September 17, 2010
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