questions about the aswb examWhat's got you stumped? As you've studied for the social work exam, what's remained stubbornly confusing, unclear, or unanswered?  Write and we'll endeavor to cover it in these pages. Theories, practice, exam content, exam process...try us!

To kick things off, here are a couple of simple questions we've been hearing a lot:

Q: Do I have to know DSM-5 for the social work exam?

A: The ASWB will be introducing DSM-5 questions starting January, 1st, 2014. If you're taking the exam before then, study DSM-IV-TR. If you were planning to take the test at the end of 2013, it may make sense to push till January and spend your efforts learning the version of the DSM that you'll need to know for practice for the coming years--just a thought!

Q: How long does my exam purchase on Social Work Test Prep last?

A: 60 days. [UPDATE: NOW 90 DAYS!] With your purchase, you can take the test in timed Exam Mode three times. You get unlimited times through the test in untimed Study Mode. We suggest spreading the timed mode exams out over the sixty [NINETY!] days. Questions and answers are randomized each time you take the exam, helping prevent memorization. More details about the exam and how to approach it on the Get Started and Study Tips pages. To make a purchase, sign up on the sidebar, go to Account and click away!

Thanks in advance for your questions. Good luck on the exam!

February 11, 2013
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