not social work flash cardsHundreds of flash cards have been created online since the last SWTP post on the topic, all waiting to help and/or overwhelm you.  Here are some places to find them:

Quizlet.  Try this 233-card set about Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment.  Searching "social work exam" will get you to lots more. is loaded with cards as well.  A set of 186 cards titled Social Work Licensing Exam is as good a place to start as any. has more of the same.  Here's a 44-card set meant for the ASWB Clinical Exam. houses still more, including this Social Work Dictionary set of 55.

Beware of overstudying!  Is everything on these cards likely to be on the exam? Not at all. Might it be useful to speed through a card set to stay fresh on the stuff you already know? Sure.

If you find a set that's particularly helpful, please email or post the link comments.  And if you make your own set online (not a bad way to study), let us know!




January 4, 2013
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