The NASW and Oxford University Press have launched a new, online Encyclopedia of Social Work. It's not clear what access will cost, but the whole site is free through August, 2013. Great for free social work exam prepping for now. Probably great for social work exam prepping even after they start charging. 

For a sampling, and a little inspiration, check out Seven Women Who Changed Social Work Forever. Here's number four, who I didn't realize was a social worker:

Shirley Chisholm (1924 – 2008) described herself as “unbought and unbossed.” In 1964 she successfully ran for and was elected to the New York State Assembly. Chisholm later ran for and was elected to the US House of Representatives, serving from 1968 to 1980. In 1972 Chisholm was the first African American to make a bid for the United Sates Presidential nomination by the Democratic Party. She gained 10% of the share of total delegates. She was a vocal opponent of the Vietnam War, the US judicial system, specifically as it relates to police brutality, prison reform, gun control, and substance abuse policies. Chisholm was also an advocate for early childhood education and a proponent of the Head Start Program. Chisholm shattered gender and racial barriers as a social justice advocate and activist for the poor and vulnerable populations.


July 24, 2013
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