lcsw exam prep tightrope walkWelcome future LCSW!  Glad you found the site.  You may feel dizzy with apprehension as you face down the licensing exam process.  But preparing for the social work exam doesn't have to be an enormous, awful, or expensive undertaking. Let us help ease the way. Here are some of the resources on SWTP to assist you in making your LCSW exam prep as painless as possible.

Practice Tests. The heart of the SWTP program. There's no better way to prepare for the licensing exam than realistic, real-time practice. Try this free, 10-question sample test to get a sense of how SWTP exams operate.

Study Tips. A collection of wise words and links to valuable resources to help you manage your study time and any test anxiety you may have. The focus is on the essentials of content, not overstudying, and trusting your instincts as a social worker.

Connect with Other LCSW Exam Preppers. Find others near you--or online--who are preparing to take the licensing exam. Sharing makes life more interesting. Why should your exam prep be any different?

This is just a quick sampling of what's available on the site. See our Resources page for much more, including tutoring, a big blog full of study info, and on from there.

Sign up create an account and get started with SWTP. Your LCSW (or LMSW, or LICSW, etc.) awaits!

Good luck with the exam!

November 5, 2013
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