this website helped me pass with ease Some recent praise from newly licensed social workers. More testimonials here:

This website helped me pass with ease.  It is a most efficient and helpful resource to use while studying, I did not have to waste time poring through thick textbooks or dense material.  I loved the links as the concepts were outlined concisely in the most direct language possible. 

Worth every penny.  Thanks!



Check out, I found it really helpful when studying. It has cheaper practice tests than the official aswb ones and they provide links to articles so you can read up on the answers...

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I took and passed the exam--thanks for your help!



I like this program. Especially, if I have questions or concerns I am able to access additional information by clicking the internet link.  I feel very confident and that your program was very helpful!


Congratulations, all of you! And good luck to everyone who has the exam ahead of them. Let us know how it goes!

January 7, 2014
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