how to approach the social work exam Here's a helpful page of tips for taking the social work licensing exam--or any multiple choice exam. Contains answers to lots of test-taking FAQs, including whether or not to change your first answer (okay if you've got a reason to), how best to schedule your exam prep (don't cram), and what to do if more than one answer seems right (there are a few approaches--check out the article). Here are the bullets. Get details at the Social Psychology Network:

Preparing for the Exam

  • Simulate the Required Behavior
  • Spaced Practice is Better than Massed Practice
  • Don't Psych Yourself Out

Taking the Test

  • Look Over the Test and Pace Yourself
  • Take Short Breaks
  • Don't Skip Around
  • Don't Be Afraid to Change Your First Answer
  • What To Do If More Than One Answer Seems Correct

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July 22, 2014
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