social worker passes exam The social work licensing exam doesn't tend to make much news. But don't be surprised if the news shows up in the social work exam. Exam item writers are no different from the writers of "Law & Order"--they need material. They're likely to get tired of thumbing old textbooks, paging through the NASW Code of Ethics, and plunging ever deeper into the DSM. Where to turn? Current events, that's where. Today's news is tomorrow's licensing exam question. Which makes staying on top of what's happening in the news not just good social work, but good social work exam preparation.

As you're reading/surfing/watching the news, take special note of the stuff that gets you most worked up. Notice the loudly fought-over controversies. Where do you stand?  Knowing that is the first step. Next comes checking to see how your feelings line up with social work values--social justice, care for the disenfranchised, client self-determination, and the like. Expect to see exam items which poke around in these sensitive spots.

This shouldn't be a problem. You're a social worker!

Unclear about how the NASW approaches questions of the day? Take a look at the org's advocacy page. And reread the Code of Ethics. It's all there.

Happy news consuming and good luck with the exam!

June 10, 2014