analysts While you've been trying to piece together what's worth knowing for the social work licensing exam, has been putting together some pages to help you out. Check out their Psychology 101 section. No, isn't specifically for social workers or for social work exam prep. It's psychology at more-or-less exactly the level of difficulty that's useful for social work exam preppers. Covered: Freud, Erikson, Skinner. Not covered: Lots and lots of other material that isn't likely to show up on the test.

Feel like you already know what needs knowing from the world of psych? Here's a way to confirm it: a collection of "Academic Psychology Quizzes." (Academic to distinguish the quizzes from the "What's your romantic attachment style?" type quizzes, which may be relevant to your life, but not to your exam prep!) Try 'em out, see how you do, go back and review the stuff that you missed on.

Sound familiar? That's a great approach to working your way through social work practice exams (the ones actually made for social workers). To start on SWTP's practice exams, sign up!

Good luck with the exam!

November 18, 2014