relaxed SWTP has a long article about getting through social work licensing exam anxiety posted at the New Social Worker Online. What's the best way to tackle test anxiety?

Think of it as a test question:

A social worker sees a client who is struggling with anxiety regarding a licensing exam she has to take in a few months. She reports difficulty focusing on test preparation and ruminating about failure. What type of therapy is MOST likely to be helpful in this situation?

A. Psychodynamic psychotherapy

B. Dialectical behavior therapy

C. Gestalt therapy

D. Cognitive behavioral therapy

The answer--at least according to most exam writers--is included in the article. Also there, a way to walk yourself through some of the basics of that therapy. (Stumped? Hint: it's not psychodynamic, not designed for BPD, and doesn't focus on awareness and empty chair work. That one!)

See if it helps. Good luck!

June 2, 2015
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