focusing on dsm-5Come summer (July to be exact), DSM-5 is what you'll need to know for the ASWB exam. If you're getting an early start at studying, here are some resources to help you sort out the changes between DSM-IV-TR and the big, new manual.

Regardless of whether you're studying DSM-5 or 500, remember this: you don't need to learn every detail of every page for the licensing exam. The material you're most likely to encounter on the test is the very material you're most likely to encounter in social work practice--particularly community practice. That means the basics: Depression, anxiety, substance abuse disorders, psychotic disorders, PTSD, personality disorders, developmental disorders. If you've got that stuff more-or-less under your belt, you can breathe easier. It's most likely going to be okay.

One way to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed is to ignore the big purple book altogether. Consider getting the more concise Desk Reference instead. Or, save your cash and let the world wide web tell you everything you need to know. Here, some great places to get started. Good luck!


Update: Our first DSM-5/ASWB practice exams are up! Create an account to get started.

March 11, 2015
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