aswb practice exam 5We're very excited to announce that our fifth ASWB practice test has just posted! Thanks to everyone who helped out, particularly all the beta testers who's fixes big and small helped make the exam even better.

What's on ASWB Exam #5? 170 fresh questions, rationales, and suggested study links. Lots of learning. Learning about social work ethics, about DSM-5, about the tricky practice situations that lend themselves to tricky exam questions, just like on the real thing. And lots more. 

Take the exam in either timed mode (four hours, just like the real thing) or in study mode (no clock, stop mid-way through if you like, access rationales, etc. ). With every exam subscription, you get unlimited times through the exam in study mode.

To help celebrate good times at SWTP, we've created coupon code FiveIsLive. The coupon will save an additional 10% on exams and exam bundles new and old. (The coupon expires after not too long, so use it now!)

Thanks for visiting SWTP and good luck on the exam!

November 9, 2015