california law and ethics

California really wants to make sure you know your stuff before it lets you call yourself LCSW.

In addition to the ASWB exam, Californians have to take the California Law & Ethics Exam. In 75 questions, you'll be tested for your knowledge of the NASW Code of Ethics and California law as it applies to social work practice. Find details about the exam in the BBS Law & Ethics Candidate Handbook.

Nothing prepares you for the exam like realistic, real-time practice. That's why we've created our California Law & Ethics Practice Test--75 questions dedicated to California law and ethics. 

Get started now.

To access the test, click on "California" on the purchase page, and select the California Law & Ethics Exam. It's that simple.

L&E content is outlined here. The BBS breaks it down further, but here are the broad topic areas:

Confidentiality, Privilege, & Consent (14% of questions)

Limits to Confidentiality/Mandated Reporting (16%)

Legal Standards for Professional Practice (10%)

Professional Competence & Preventing Harm (18%)

Therapeutic Relationship/Services (27%)

Business Practices & Policies (15%)

SWTP's Law & Ethics Practice Test has it all. Discover what you know and what you need to know. You'll be glad you did.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

October 9, 2015
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