Now available (and no longer in Beta), two new practice tests: our ASWB Ethics Booster and California Law & Ethics Exam.

The ASWB Ethics Booster is a 45-question practice test designed for ASWB exam preppers who want some extra exposure to exam items about social work ethics. Since a huge part of the social work exam is rooted in the NASW Code of Ethics, more ethics practice means being more prepared. Makes good sense. (Note: If you're in CA and have already taken our Law and Ethics practice test, skip this--there's a lot of overlap between the two.)

"CA Law and what?" you say?

Californians likely know by now that the loved and hated California Vignette exam is fading into the sunset at the end of November. After a December exam blackout, a new two-exam process is born. Left coasters will take the same ASWB exam that clinical social workers take nationwide plus a 75-question California Law & Ethics Exam. Questions on the CA L&E (as we like to call it) are drawn in part from the BBS's massive collection of Rules and Regulations. If you're not in California, by all means skip this! But if you're in the Golden State and LCSW-bound, this practice test is for you.

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Happy studying, all, and good luck on the exam(s)!

October 20, 2015