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From the future (2023), here are some robot generated ideas--Halloween costumes for social workers.

Social Work Zombie - Dress up in your usual social work attire, but with zombie makeup and fake blood. This costume can represent how social workers work tirelessly to help others, even when they feel "dead" tired.

Office Supplies - Dress up in a suit or professional attire and attach office supplies to yourself, such as staplers, tape dispensers, or paperclips. You can call yourself the "Office Supply Social Worker" and offer to help with paperwork.

Care Bear - Dress up as a Care Bear and add social work-themed accessories, such as a social work badge or a clipboard. You can give out hugs and promote the importance of caring in social work.

Freudian Slip - Dress up in a slip or nightgown and add a Sigmund Freud mask. You can carry a notepad and pretend to analyze people's dreams or personalities.

Happy Halloween and good luck on the exam!

October 30, 2015