dsm boosterWe're very excited to announce the arrival of a new SWTP practice test, our DSM Booster. The 56-question, DSM-only exam is a great way to work out your DSM-5 test-prepping muscles. The more questions you experience before the exam, the more ready you'll be come exam day.

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Here's a free practice question to get  you in the mood:

A client reports having lost interest in activities she once enjoyed, feeling sad, having difficulty sleeping, and "very occasionally" having thoughts of suicide. Which of the following DSM-5 diagnoses is the most appropriate for this client?

A) Persistent Depressive Disorder

B) Major Depressive Disorder

C) Bipolar Disorder

D) Adjustment Disorder, Depressed Type

What's your answer?

The client exhibits symptoms consistent with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). The key criteria for MDD include the presence of five or more symptoms, including a depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure in activities, lasting for at least two weeks. Persistent Depressive Disorder requires two years of ongoing low mood--not mentioned here. There's no mania, ruling out Bipolar Disorder. The suicidality indicates symptoms more severe than Adjustment Disorder. You have your answer!

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April 19, 2016
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