JumpJust a quick post to alert you to SWTP's new exam pricing. A la carte exams have ducked just a dollar to $39 each. It's the pricing for bundles that has undergone the biggest change. See our pricing page for details.

Clicking around, you'll see how your savings jump up dramatically the more exams you add to your purchase. 

A single exam is $39 (no additional savings).

Three exams go for $99. Should be 39 x 3, right? Nope. It's $99 (you save $18).

And then check this out: the complete bundle, which contains five complete exams and two boosters should come out to $235. Not the case. This is the biggest bundle and has the biggest savings--you carve $76 off what the exams would cost if purchased one at a time. Not bad. : ) 

The new pricing is experimental and may change soon, so sign up and jump on the deals now!

Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

April 27, 2016