bundle The general formula for exam success is mp = bp where mp is more practice and bp is better prepared. More practice equals better prepared. But how many exams you want to do before sitting for the real ASWB exam is between you, your calendar of available study time, and your budget.

Not so long ago, we made it possible for you to calculate the exams/budget part of that without signing into the site. Just go to our pricing page (/swtp-pricing) and start clicking around. What you'll find: the more exams you add, the more you save. Maybe you want just a couple or exams and some pinpointed diagnosis practice with our DSM booster. Maybe you want all the exams and some additional Code of Ethics review. We've got a booster full of ethics questions too.

You get the idea. Pick, choose, practice, pass!

Good luck!

November 2, 2016