sophia passed the social work exam You don't have to take Sophia's word for it, but she did just pass the California Law & Ethics exam using SWTP!

Go to the purchase page and click on the "California" tab to get the L&E practice test.

Everyone else--you don't have to worry about a Law & Ethics test. That's just in California. Go to that same page to build your exam bundle. Choose from five compete, 170-question practice tests. Each question of each test has a thorough rationale, plus a link for suggested study if you want to develop an even more in-depth understanding of the question topic. Also available, DSM and Ethics booster tests. Those are shorter tests dedicated solely to questions about a single topic (diagnosis in one, applying the NASW Code of Ethics in the other).

Wherever you are, and however you're preparing, good luck with the exam!

And congratulations, Sophia!!!

April 26, 2017
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