trish passed the social work examTrish just now wrote via site chat:

I PASSED!!! I am so happy! Thank you for this study prep test. It really helped me a ton!  I am a late bloomer, 63 years old. I had severe test anxiety, but your test prep put me a ease, and I went in confident. And PASSED!! Thank you so much!

Very, very good to hear! Congratulations, Trish!

If you, like Trish, experience test anxiety (severe or not)--and who doesn't have some test anxiety--here's a quick list of anxiety management approaches to try.

8 Tips to Reduce Test Anxiety

  1. Prepare thoroughly to boost confidence.
  2. Create a study plan and stick to it.
  3. Practice with mock exams to simulate test conditions.
  4. Employ relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation before the test.
  5. Avoid last-minute cramming.
  6. Focus on positive self-talk and challenge negative thoughts.
  7. Get adequate rest the night before the test.
  8. Arrive early on the exam day to reduce stress.

Also, of course, exercise--but that's not just for test-prep anxiety--that helps reduce anxiety 24/7.

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February 9, 2017
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