yacht life We get it. You're a social worker, not an investment banker. You're not looking to own a yacht. Nor are you looking to spend a bunch of money on your social work licensing exam prep. That's why we keep the prices for our practice tests nice and low. It's not that you'll be able to purchase a yacht with the money you save. But maybe you'll be a little less pinched. Just registering for the exam costs a non-trivial amount. If you end up having to take the exam more than once, it really adds up. (So, of course, try to pass it the first time!)

Here, to help with your reasonably-budgeted exam prep, is our ongoing series of free practice questions. These questions touch on a variety of subjects, but lean most heavily on the Code of Ethics and the DSM as content sources. And why not? You know you're going to encounter Code of Ethics questions. That's a big part of the exam at every level. And of everything that may appear on the licensing exam, DSM material is the most knowable. It's just info--you can cram it in your brain for a time and be ready to answer any diagnostic question you encounter.

So try out these questions. They're not exactly like the ones that appear in our practice tests--to get a better sense of SWTP practice, check out our free practice test.

If there's material you'd like to see us cover in future free practice questions, let us know. Our aim is to get you through this exam. We love getting pictures of social workers proudly posing with their pass sheets. (The rest of the blog, where the free practice questions live, is mostly made of up those.)

Happy saving, happy studying, and good luck on the exam! Congratulations in advance!

July 13, 2017
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