wilmary passed the masters examVia Facebook:

Thanks to SWTP for helping me pass! Oficialmente Licenciada.

Congratulations, Wilmary! Way to go!

There are many, many advantages to being officially licensed. Among them:

Expanded Career Opportunities: Many job positions in social work require or prefer candidates with licensure. Having a social work license opens doors to a wider range of job opportunities, including in clinical settings, private practice, government agencies, healthcare institutions, schools, and nonprofit organizations. Licensure can also provide eligibility for reimbursement from insurance companies, enabling you to provide billable services (important!).

Higher Earning Potential: With licensure, social workers often have access to higher-paying positions and increased earning potential. 

Increased Autonomy: Licensure grants social workers greater professional autonomy and independence. Many workplaces give licensed social workers have more authority to diagnose, develop treatment plans, and provide therapy or counseling services, allowing for more direct client care and decision-making responsibilities.

Wilmary's licensed now. You're next: Choose exams to get started.

June 17, 2017
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