tamie passed the social work examQuick inbox item:

I took the test 2 weeks after buying your prep program. I passed with an 80%!

Congratulations, Tamie!

We're regularly asked, which exams should I get? How long should I study for? If this were an exam question, there wouldn't be enough information to answer. So, our answer is usually, "It depends." It depends upon how much time you have to study, how well you already know the necessary crammable material, how good a test-taker you are, and how good a long-sit focuser you are. (For a four-hour exam, focus is key!) It also depends upon what your exam-prep budget is.

In general, the more practice, the better.

We've got five, complete practice exams. If you sat for each in actual time, that's 20 hours of studying. If you take time to review each question of each exam, that's easily another 20 hours. Plus, if you're following suggested study links to dig in deeper to topics you want a better handle on, that's more time still. Can you get all that done before your  exam date? Great! Have less time? Get fewer exams.

Tamie got her SWTP studying done in two weeks. Now she's a licensed social worker.

You're next!

Pick and choose the exams that are right for you here.

May 30, 2017
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