nikkie passed the social work examI took the exam two weeks after purchasing the practice exam bundle.  I passed on the first attempt.  Nothing against the other study materials I had, but after months of reviewing them, I feel your materials are what set me at ease and prepared me for sitting for the exam and passing it. Thank you!

Congratulations, Nikkie!

We love getting these emails. Reader, hoping you'll not just use SWTP to pass the exam, but let us know once you do!

Nothing prepares like realistic practice. SWTP practice tests are thick with the very types of vignettes you're likely to encounter on the social work licensing exam. And with each question, we provide a thorough rationale and suggested study link, helping you get the hang of the exam--how it works and how to pass it. We want you to head into exam day with clarity: How to eliminate distractors and narrow down your choices. How to think like an exam writer--or like the licensing board--and get to the correct answer. How to pace yourself, avoid perfectionism, and get through the four-hour, 170-question test with your hope and optimism in tact.

It can be done. Social workers are getting licensed every day. You're next.

Choose your exams to get started.

Good luck! Looking forward to hearing your good news!

September 2, 2017
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