"I passed my ASWB clinical exam this past Saturday. I truly appreciate your support!"

natasha passed the social work exam Congratulations, Natasha!

This is one of those come close (two points!), maintain resolve, come back and pass stories. It's not an uncommon tale. It sometimes takes more than one try to get to that successful result. This isn't a pop quiz in middle school English. Just reading the material doesn't guarantee a pass. You also have to learn what the exam wants--how to answer questions with a just-right balance of real-world know-how and textbook, perfect-social-worker-ness.

How do you learn that? Practice, practice, practice That's why what we offer here is...practice, practice, practice, with all study materials embedded into the practice exams themselves. Instead of reading dry text then seeing how you do on a practice test, SWTP invites you to immerse yourself in practice tests and learn while you're at it. You learn from our thorough rationales and learn still more from the suggested study links that accompany every answer of every question. You learn from the process of taking practice tests.

Extra bonus to this approach: you save time and save money. It worked for Natasha!

Congratulations again to Natasha and all recently licensed social workers.

If you haven't passed the social work exam yet, we're rooting for you. Good luck!

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September 28, 2017
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