meghan with pass sheetFrom our inbox:

"Thanks SW Test Prep! I passed my LICSW exam in DC last week! Couldn't have done it without spending countless hours studying on your website. Thank you!!!!"

Congratulations, Meghan!


Pass sheets and proud faces. What's better?

Join the parade of newly licensed social workers sharing their good news. All that stands in the way is some prep and some exam passing. If the ASWB exam is something you've been putting off, stop it. The exam is big and can have a big impact, but it's just an exam. You study for it. You take some practice tests. You study some more. And then you sit for the real thing. Within four hours, you're done and you have your result. Chances are it will be good news.

Looking forward to see your proud face and pass sheet soon.

Congratulations again to Meghan and all recently licensed social workers!

December 10, 2018
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