sara passed the lcsw examFrom the SWTP inbox:

Dear SWTP,

I sat for the LCSW exam and passed the first time. Despite being a stressful difficult experience I managed this with a comfortable pass margin.  However I prepared myself well.

I purchased the complete SWTP bundle including ethics and DSM 5 boosters and went over the questions repeatedly as part of my preparation for the ASWB clinical exam.  I found that taking the prep exams helped by getting me used to answering questions.  On the day of the actual exam I was more comfortable reading, interpreting, and answering questions than I was the day I took my first practice exam.  I also had gained a better understanding from reviewing my test prep exams  to pay attention to what questions were really asking and where and how my thinking was being led astray!

I would certainly recommend SWTP as part of a well organized self study curriculum for LCSW candidates--a side benefit, I also learned a lot of new information from their material.

Thank you SWTP, the money spent was worth every penny!

Sarah B., LCSW

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Congratulations, Sarah! Very glad that SWTP helped!

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Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

January 29, 2018
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