janet passed the aswb exam A quick note from Janet:

Passed the first try.  Thanks.

A "thanks" emoji followed. Two hands that are either praying or namaste-ing--depends who's being thanked.

We get these emails every day. It's great to hear about social workers getting licensed with SWTP! (Have news? Let us know!)

Maybe you're next.

Ask just about anyone who has passed the ASWB exam and they'll tell you: Practice tests are a good idea. They give you a feeling for the type of questions you'll face, for how to get to the right answer, and, maybe most importantly, help you get a sense of what it's like to sit down for a four-hour, 170-question vignette-filled exam. (Hint: it's not a day at the spa.)

As we've said before, the exam is like a marathon. It's a good idea to prep for it--to develop your stamina and strength. That way, on exam day, you're more likely to go in calm and confident. Practice gets you familiar with the exam-taking process and ready to PASS.

Get started by choosing practice tests here.

March 20, 2018
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