i will pass this exam So many of the tools you've learned, the little tricks and the big ones--they're all valuable to use for yourself as your prepare for the social work licensing exam. A CBT thought log to examine your anxiety about the four-hour test. Increased self-care--relaxation, diet, sleep, exercise. An affirmation or two if that suits you. One simple suggestion: "I will pass this exam."

Some evidence (back in CBT mode) to support the affirmation: The exam isn't impossible--people pass it every day. And you've gotten through plenty of tough challenges, academic and otherwise. When you put your mind to do something, it gets done. That's how you got this far. And that's how you'll continue pressing forward.

If you're looking for help with the effort, we're here. SWTP practice tests are designed to help you face exam day with a sense of calm and confidence. And they'll add some more evidence: You took practice tests, you learned a lot, and you're ready. You will pass this exam. Congratulations in advance.

May 29, 2018