jennifer passed "I passed the exam!! I could not have done it without your website! It is absolutely amazing and I have told several co-workers about it!"

Congratulations, Jennifer!


Maybe you already have a co-worker who has passed the exam using SWTP. Maybe you're already signed up and using SWTP exams, so you know. But if you haven't heard, our practice tests can help you pass the social work exam. With realistic, real-time practice, you get the hang of both exam content and exam process. You get familiar with just how it feels to sit for four hours answering all those tough, close-call questions. And you get more and more clear about how to answer them correctly.

Whether or not you pass the practice test, you come out with extra wisdom. After reviewing your answers, you'll have even more. Repeat that with all our tests and boosters, and you're going to be wiser and wiser still. More and more ready.

Then you go in, you sit for the real thing. And you pass. And you let your co-workers know. And you write to us, like Jennifer did. The circle of life!

Good luck!

October 24, 2018
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