Have you joined the SWTP Facebook Study Group yet? Here's a selection from some new members' "Why do you want to join?" answers.

I am going to take my LCSW test in October and would love to pass on my first attempt.

I'm back in the job market and need my license to practice for most jobs now. This group may help me prepare for the test!

I failed my first attempt and need help studying

I am currently studying and planning to take the exam in a few months.

I am ready to start studying again so I am hopefully able to pass my LMSW the second time around.

Taking the LCSW exam in the next few months

I need some extra assistance passing my the exam! Have failed unfortunately twice! Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Studying for the LSW exam. I have failed 3 times. I am looking for support in passing.

I need to pass the LCSW exam

Unable to pass the test to get license. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one with this issue. Working on questions and helping each other out on tough questions.

To learn tips to pass the licensure examination.

I am taking my exam soon. I want to pass.

You're invited. Good luck, everyone!


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September 4, 2018