yelp 2018Just noticed a collection of great, five-star reviews buried in the reviews-we're-not-showing-you area of SWTP's Yelp page.

Well, we'll show them to you!

The full exams and the booster tests really helped me build my confidence as I prepared for the clinical exam. There is a special way to read questions and evaluate answers in order to succeed with the exam, and the depth with SWTP is very helpful. -- Melissa
I bought a few practice exam through SWTP and it helped me tremendously! After studying for three months, I passed my exam yesterday!!!! SWTP gives you tools to understand how the questions are formulated and what is expected from you.  Also, if you get the questions wrong they gives you explanations and sources to study from which is amazing. I highly recommend buying a pre-test before an actual exam.  Thank you SWTP!!!!! -- Marina
Thank you Social Work Test Prep for the knowledge gained from your website. I passed my Clinical exam! OMG!! I could not have done this without you! Thank you for the extension and support!! Love and Peace! -- Philippa

Thanks and congratulations to Melissa, Marina, Philippa, Jane, Ann-Marie, Denise, Young, and everyone else! Just a very small fraction of social workers who've used SWTP to get prepared for the licensing exam.

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April 19, 2019
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