forest selfieTaking a couple of days off Facebook and Instagram? Lots of people are.

Even if you don't share the #facebookblackout organizers ire toward Facebook, it can't hurt to take the 48 hours away from the site. Two days away from just about anything you do regularly isn't a bad idea, right? A kind of cleanse.

You can take that time away from your device. Or…be among the first to join SWTP at (which is like Facebook, but isn't Facebook). There's an SWTP group just created on the site. It'll be another place for free practice questions, questions, passing celebrations, and the like.

We'll also post some unique content there. Right now, find a generous coupon code that you can't get anywhere else.

Here's the address [DEFUNCT]

Happy tech fasting, happy studying, and hope to see you on the new page!

December 9, 2019